Thursday, August 21, 2008

wiwt 8/21/08

but later on my scooter, i'll look like this:
because it's pretty frickin' cold at night on that thing! i froze on the way home from work last night. yeesh! pardon the hot dog, i'm immature and i bought soy pups and i'm excited to eat like 7 of them all at once! delicious.

shirt- f21
tank- old navy
jeans- H&M kids dept! [$20, awesome!]
hat- wal-mart
scarf- made it
jacket- H&M [so excited be wear it again!]


emily said...

i found your blog through wiwt2 (i'm quarries) and i love this outfit! lolololol @ the hotdog! and your hair is AMAZING.

petitgateau said...

thanks so much emily!! xoxox