Monday, September 15, 2008

ok, so

i might be in the minority here... but i fucking HATE what not to wear! so much.

stacey and clinton are NOT nice, they do NOT dress well, and they do NOT do a good job of fixing these people's fashion lives! ugh.

they're mean, they tell people horrible things, and then they make them change their taste entirely and then bring them to shit places like FILENE'S BASEMENT to pick out new fashion forward generic clothing.

and then people thank them!

even the hairdressers aren't nice, they bitch at you and tell you your hair is ugly. not cool. i'm watching an episode right now [research, people!] and the guy is like, "DON'T get panicky and freak out halfway through!!!!" ummm, he literally said, "newsflash, your hair doesn't look that good" to bully her into agreeing to cut her hair short. the only person who is nice is the makeup artist [who is kind of gorgeous, btw]!

why can't there be a show where people are like, "oh hey, you're into this? ok, well let's update it and make it more age appropriate and modern and nice."

i just don't understand why making people more fashionable has to come along with days of insults from people who dress TERRIBLY.

seriously. stacey is a terribly generic dresser. of course everything looks "good"... but that's because it's so fucking boring you can't really form all that much of an opinion on it! it's very much like this... i am horrible at fashion and don't understand anything, but i get that what you are wearing is supposed to be fashionable, so i'm going to say that you're totally fashion forward and awesome.



Melissa said...

Haha. I agree with you on most accounts. Tho I do like Clinton and I usually think his outfits are cute. I really hate when people say they don't want to look like everyone else and Stacey and Clinton are like "Oh, you won't!" and then they do. There was this one girl who had a very edgy rock style and they made her look like everyone else. It totally sucked.

Rachel said...

I was thinking this the other day watching like the 5th episode I've seen in the past few months where a girl breaks down from basically being trashed left and right.

Let's break you down as much as possible and then put you in awkwardly put together clothing because we say it looks good.

I miss you btw. And your fabulous style - I need advice on work clothes someday whenever you get the chance.