Wednesday, November 19, 2008

there was...

..this editorial in vogue last year that featured these incredible and ridiculous shoes. i don't remember designer names with shoes, but they were completely irrelevant and no one could ever wear them in real life. so basically, i wanted them really really bad. well, while procrastinating today, i wander over to and saw these:

a total knockoff of the same shoe! same primary colors! same non-functional zippers and bits and bobs! same level of ridiculousness, although the originals look like they're made of legos... which you have to admit is pretty awesome.

so basically... wtf? i hope lots of people buy them and love them and look like crazy tranny lego whores. i know i wish i could!!!!


missarahjessica said...

those remind me of these Balenciaga nightmares!

petitgateau said...

those are them! yesssss they're so funny oh my god i love them.