Tuesday, January 06, 2009


mick jagger and keith richards inspire me on so, so many levels. musically definitely, but fashion wise they (and keith's daughters and mick's girlfriends) inspire me even more!

picture dumppppppppp. mick first.

he's looking a bit worse for the wear though, hahaha

oh, jerry hall.

if it were ok for me to show nip, i'd copy this entire outfit hahaha

this much boob at a wedding is totally rock n roll to me, forget the november rain mini wedding dress!

part of me glamorizes drug addiction so much because of my lifelong habit of becoming very fond of people who are terrible role models. i know better, and i don't do drugs, but something in me still thinks this is such an awesome picture.

oh hi, skull cane. nice to meet you.

with anita pallenberg.

keith richards' daughters, theodora and alexandra:

(hello, sexy random dude!)

aaaaand i think that was quite long enough, hahaha. i just really love the rolling stones, specifically keith richards.

source: all over. contact me if you'd like credit.

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