Monday, January 12, 2009


i fucking love it. all of it. all at once. all over my body.... ok. wait, that got a little sexual for a minute there. just kidding. backing up..... phew.

so i love jewelry. the crazier, the better. the bigger, the better... why does everything i say about jewelry sound dirty??? :(

starting over again. i like statement pieces that are made of silver and use things like studs and unusual stones. here are some examples of this:
most of this is from forever21 or it's vintage... inherited and thrifted. but this is a typical day's worth of jewelry for me. and that's not including the 2-5 necklaces i'll wear everyday. i'm an animal.

i estimate that my jewelry makes me 3-4 pounds heavier than i am, haha. on the wii fit it gets all confused when i weigh myself if i forget to take it all off, it thinks i got super hugely fat all of a sudden!

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