Thursday, January 15, 2009

new sweater, and replacement boots!

i got this sweater on mega clearance at work and i'm a woman obsessed. i don't know what it is about grampa cardigans in awkward prints but i can't help but love this damn thing.

also pictured is my practically free HUGE hat from H&M. legit, it's like 12 inches long. i'm in love. the fact that it covers my 2 inch roots is also appreciated haha.


My Daily Vintage said...

i love everything! i've been looking for a good hat like that.

petitgateau said...

right now the H&M near me has buy one get one FREE on clearance and i got that hat for $5 and i got a $3 one to go with it for freesies!!! it made my life, i won't lie :)