Friday, January 02, 2009


this is the story of a magical princess (cue music) who loved a pair of shoes:

the princess loved these shoes more than any other pair of shoes she'd ever seen. more than the version they were knocking off, and more than the classic ones that cost twice as much and were around longer.

the little princess waited and waited until she got her christmas moneys to buy them, but ALAS! when she went to the website to excitedly place her order, the evil creatures in the forest had bought out every size that would fit her!

crushed, the princess sent out a scroll to the internet (aka livejournal communities) begging for help in finding these magical shoes to complete her every outfit.

a little cherub on the internet alerted the princess to, which she had previously only used to by allergy-free cookbooks and textbooks for college and had completely forgotten sold cool things like hitachi magic wands and shoes, and BEHOLD!!! the princess' glass slippers were there, and in her size.

the princess put them into her basket for safe keeping, but she decided to wait until just one more check had been cashed to place her order.

when she went to place her order, delivered the crushing blow, "We're sorry. The item Steve Madden Women's Flankk Boot,Black Leather,8.5 M US is no longer available from the seller you selected." DRAT!!

again, crushed, the princess searched ebay and zappos and every website she could find for her magestic wonderful glass slippers, to no avail. she found a few similar items, but the soles were jagged (no go) or the heel was too high, or they were too tall... the princess sighed and sighed.

someday, her princeboots will come...

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