Sunday, January 04, 2009

still anxiously awaiting new boots. eesh.

i wish i wasn't too lazy to photograph my outfits and post them on the internet. i lookd badASS on new years eve and then on friday i looked awesome too. boo to me for being a lazy bum.

not quite fashion related, but today bryan and i headed out to the currier museum of art in our little town of manchester to see the last day of the andy warhol pop politics exhibit. turns out a former co-worker of mine was working there and she let me and bryan in for free! $20 well saved, which was later spent on copious amounts of fresco rice tacos from taco bell... mmmmm. no taco tom though, disappointing.

i also bought more yarn for more fashion related things, and a new bra. this would make anyone who knows me in real life gasp... little known fact about me: i never, ever, ever wear bras unless i absolutely have to. everyone in my life knows exactly what my boobs look like, minus nipple because i'm always wearing slouchy thin tops with just a tank top underneath, if anything. it's not that i'm slutty or anything, i just really hate the feeling of a bra around my ribcage... it makes me uncomfortable. i don't know how i ever did the high belt like i used to all the time, although the one i wore most was very stretchy... but back to bras. i don't know what size i am, i don't know how they're supposed to feel, i don't know why women like to look like they have huge tits... i just don't get them. at all. i like the way my boobs look when i'm not wearing one way more. also i feel like i look fat when i wear a bra? is that even possible? i don't know. i'm weird.

i'm abusing the ellipses today... hahaha.

things i need to do for this blog:
- photograph my nye outfit
- photograph all the new shit i've bought since xmas
- photograph all my new jewelry
- get better at outfit posts!
- lots more picture taking
- seriously, take more pictures. i need to make bryan more like rumi's bf, part hot dude, part personal paparazzi.

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