Friday, June 19, 2009


i never write in this poor neglected little bloggy anymore! truthfully, it's mostly due to laziness but also due to the fact that i dress modestly and professionally at work, and let's face it folks, that's not something this blog has ever been about.

i have to cover all my tattoos at work which means in the summer a lot of 3/4 sleeve shirts and blazers and dress pants and trying desperately to pass off black jeans as suitable professional attire. i stay creative/sane y wearing the most obscenely strange accessories i can dream up at the time, but i generally find myself looking painfully typical. i'll get better at it i know, i'm just in a rut of trying to figure out what i can get away with, which isn't so bad save for the part where it makes some outfits a winner and others a disgusting loser never to be spoken of again. for example: maxi dress with long grampa cardigan - miss. perfect cropped mens trousers with slinky tee and huge heels and blazer - win. some i'll repeat, some... i'll to continue to drink away.

i'm going to try to get better about capturing the good ones, i'm pretty awful at remembering to take a picture/being trusted to remember to actually editresizeupload them.

i'm much better at photobooth, which is godawful for capturing outfits with. even worse when you live in the batcave and the inside never sees the light of day.

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