Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GASP! actual, real live pictures? no wayyyyyy

TRUTH. Here is a picture dump of some serious and some silly outfits as of late. I've been going to a lot of goth nights in Boston with my partner in crime, Jenny. We get all dressed up and hang out with people who like to whip each other. It's fun, even though I'm definitely not the goth-est person on the planet. Oh well. We even go-go danced one night, which was an experience! :)

this is from go-go-ing.... we were supposed to dress up like Wednesday Addams... which is hard to do, when you're platinum blonde.
this is from forever ago... St. Patrick's Day? haha. pretend it's current.
wedding outfit. This dress used to be a maxi dress (remember like last year when I originally posted it because I wore it to a different wedding? yay recycling.) but i shortened it and gave it a bustle. Still no good pictures of that part. Derrrr
this is a better picture of the top of it. and my second favorite pair of twinzzzz! (first favorite pair are my brothers-in-law ;))
yes, this is a drag queen. Jizzelle Amore. yessssss

another goth night. I wish you could see the epic boots I was wearing, I borrowed them from Jenny! They were so rad.

That was so much less cool than I thought it would be. Bummer.


AFitz said...

i think you make a great Wednesday

petitgateau said...

i got the serious, angry face down!!! :)