Thursday, April 24, 2008


...or how I forgot I had this thing. Sorry for the lack of updates!

SO - I promised wedding rants. And wedding rant - you shall get.
So I'm getting married. I'm ridiculously excited about marrying my man, he's amazing, talented, hilarious, and most of all, super foxy. BUT - planning this thing is driving me bonkers! I can't figure out how to do this my way, without ignoring the things I know my mom wants, and his mom wants, and yada yada yada. It's really becoming borderline bothersome to deal with.
And fashion-wise, it's no better. I want my bridesmaids to look really fucking sexy and everything... but man. Bridesmaid dresses are SO ugly! Seriously. The worst things I've ever seen in my entire life. I made the mistake of going into a couple bridal stores while waiting for my second job boss to meet up with me in Concord, and it was just a plethora of terrible, gaudy and more often than not, over-embellished pieces of polyester bullshit! My girls will NOT go down the aisle looking like a bunch of call girls, I can promise you that.

Now - my "wedding colors" are turquoise and chocolate brown, really only because of this cake:
I'm going to substitute the pink overdone cherry blossom idea with different flowers, but i really like the cute little birdies and everything. My old boss is an amazing baker, and she's going to make this exact cake for me (but milk free, my body hates dairy!) because she's incredible at everything.

So I want my ladiezzz to wear chocolate brown chiffon dresses (chiffon is a must because i'm a weirdo about texture and my dress is a gorgeous ivory chiffon dream! a secret surprise dream.)

but I can't find anything that isn't made out of stretch satin or polyester or encrusted in disgusting beaded nonsense! So terrible. Let's see if I can find something to illustrate this point:

Yeah. There you go... Yeah, it's in my colors... yeah, there's not THAT much beading... But seriously. Can you imagine a bunch of girls walking down the aisle in these dresses?!?!?!!! Dear God.
I am now officially on the hunt for some amazing dresses that arent disgusting to have my grandmother rip off and make herself for my gals. Just as soon as I figure out who those gals are...

So thanks for stopping by! :)

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