Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I Wore Today,

...or how I learned to post pictures of myself!

Ok, so I know how to post pictures of myself. Everyone does. But I feel nervous about posting real live pictures on here! I don't know why, I'm definitely outgoing enough, haha. Weird.

But I'm just going to post the outfit I'm wearing today, to get the ball rolling. Here goes!

These pieces are all old, from last summer (or before!!), so I tried to update them a little bit.

(forgive the pose, I'm unoriginal!!!)

vest: Gap, bought sometime in 2005, I think?
tank: Old Navy
jeans: f21 (they were twelve fucking fifty! so ridiculous.)
boots: frye, also... they're the loves of my life. But don't tell my fiance or my cats!

next up: I'm going to rant about wedding fashion. I'm angry.

So thanks for stopping by!

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