Thursday, April 10, 2008

Warm Weather,

... or how I learned to hate the miniskirt.

Now, I am a college student from New Hampshire. New Hampshire isn't exactly known for its crop of young talented fashion designers or celebutantes, but still. I believe that there is no excuse for the travesties I have seen today. Young girls, in their prime, debasing themselves in outfits that really weren't even cute 5 years ago when they were considered mildly in vogue.

Today, I was awash in a vast sea of deconstructed denim miniskirts the size of most of my headbands... Girls clunking around campus in outdated [and downright dirty] white platform flip flops, and lace camis layered over wife beaters. I am sensing an eminent, slow, drowning death.

And this wasn't just one girl, it was 4 in my first class, 3 in my second, and God only knows how many in my last class, we luckily had an exam so I didn't get a chance to look around. My nighttime accounting class should prove interesting.

The worst part about this is that it's New Hampshire. Unless it's August, it's never really warm enough to wear this type of outfit. It's always breezy and cold in April, and today is no exception. I did break out my new amazing flip flops from Old Navy though, because I love them and I couldn't wait any longer, but I definitely wore a cardigan over my sweet Iron Maiden t-shirt and jeans [high waisted wide legs].

Warm weather is just NO excuse to forget to wear pants [more on the legging issue later], and certainly no excuse to dress like you're getting paid for it [it being sex, OBV]. It's downright... yucky!

So please ladies, give it up. I know once it gets colder again you're going to be pairing them with your Ugg boots, but just give it a ressssssstttttttttt!!!!11

So thanks for stopping by.

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