Wednesday, May 28, 2008


... or how I learned people actually read this thing.

No updates for a while... my bad. I didn't think anyone read this thing, and now Bethany asked me why no updates recently [hi Bethany!] and I was like... "Yuh-Oh..."

So it's time to get to work!

I got myself a lovely new crafting room! The FH and I decided to move our bedroom into the room my bestie was living in for a while, which freed up the bedroom connected to my closet for some crafting funtimes. I am very, very excited about this, as I now have a sweet space where I can sew in my underwear [and I DO] and have the door closed, blast Andrew W.K. and sing along as loud as I want, half naked and having a grand ol' time. I now have ONE place to store all of my fabric, sewing machines, embroidery stuff, pattern books, crafting accessories, etc. etc. instead of spreading them throughout my closet, the living room, the kitchen of all places, and everywhere else in the world. So this is a very good thing. I've started decorating it, and I think it looks amazing! I put all of my creepy animal figurines Bryan hates up on top of my sweet Ikea desk [once again, loving those Swedes] and I can put as many kitschy creepy things as I want in here without him bitching about the purpose of 14 beaded and rhinestoned birds. The purpose is AWESOMEOCITY! derrr. He's clueless.

So onto the money shots. Pictures of my sweet crafting space and terrible sense of decorating.... aka put a bunch of shit everywhere that's all different colors and styles! Wahoo!!!

Obsessed with this desk/storage unit. How perfect! It's still a bit messy, but it's getting there!
The gorgeous fabric I got at an antique store in Hooksett, NH. I am obsessed with this stuff. And it was only something like $8, and it matches the orange walls perfectly.

My dad, my brother and I in like.... 1998? Oh dear.

These sit on the table and hold my thumbtacks and little things.

A small collection of vintage dresses and odds and ends, and some new.
Cutest in the worldest cookie jar!

Other animal figurines, mostly owls and cats, haha.

It's even more crowded there now, to be honest. I took these before I was done unpacking all of the ridiculous things I was saving up for this joint, and then on Memorial Day I got an adorable "Happy Lantern" and "Friendship Pagoda" that I have to put up. They're fireworks, and you light them and they turn into a big lantern that lights up and spins and shoots out stuff, and then the Pagoda spins on the ground and then pops up into a cute little house that looks alarmingly like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's really fascinating. I was watching them like a 6 yr. old or something! I loved it. :) But how great are fireworks that turn into presents! I can't handle how awesome that truly is. Ugh!
Happy Lanterns, before they turn into presents :)

So I hope everyone had great Holiday weekends, and thanks for stopping by!!!

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thanks! wow, ask and you shall receive!