Sunday, August 10, 2008

back in black

... or how i learned to get over it and embrace the blog.... again.

i'm annoyed at how many blogs are popping up out of nowhere and being written by ridiculous people, but you know what? i probably have no right doing this either. so whatever. so if you're happy to see me back, thank you.
if not... well, why are you reading this? :)

i've been obsessively watching the olympics since friday, and i have to say... MAN. i love watching gymnastics. so fucking awesome!

with that said, i've been too busy to take pictures of myself lately, so i'll give you a sweet little polyvore set to tide you over:

but let me clarify: the 6 bracelets i wear on a daily basis are all vintage and cost me less than $20 [i actually only paid for two, the rest were inherited/found], the shoes are not minnetonka, but instead from old navy, my purse is definitely not miu miu, it's forever21 but a very similar style, my sunglasses are from building #19 1/20, haha. they were $1.99. The jeans, oversize burnout tee and wrap sweater are all from forever21, which is odd because i really try not to shop there but hey, what can you do. and my scarf is brown and grey and from H&M. but you know, it's all the same, give or take a few bucks ;)

so welcome back to blogging, me! and thanks for stopping by.


Carlton said...

Good to have you back- carlton

petitgateau said...

thanks carlton!! xoxoxox