Friday, July 04, 2008


... or how i learned to hate the blog.

i quit fashion blogging.

everywhere i look, another shitty fashion blog pops up and i'm to the point where i just can't bring myself to give a shit anymore. so yeah, i figured this wouldn't last long because i don't like bragging or making myself sound like some fucking expert and telling people what to think, so whatever. i'm done. i'm kind of jaded to fashion blogs right now, to be honest. i feel like they just serve as excuses for comments like "you're so pretty" or else they're just places to put up polyvore sets every day. seriously? done. done and done.

peace out!

... and for those of you who did, thanks for stopping by.


Miss Kolleen said...

that sucks, because i just found you, and i love blogs :(

blog about something else!

petitgateau said...

the more i think about it, the more i want to keep blogging.... so maybe i will, it just won't be super often! so thanks a lot, and keep stopping by, maybe there will be something to see ;)