Sunday, June 08, 2008


...or how I learned fashion from my Grampa!

When I was little I used to wear my Grampas old black wool beret like every day because I loved him, and I loved it. My Grampa never leaves the house without a hat on... Back in the day, of course, it was fedoras, etc... but now it's generally a baseball cap with a Marines emblem on it [something he and my Pepe, my other grandfather, have in common!]

As of late, he's given me a couple of scally caps [i'm sure he has a different name for them] and some matching scarves, and also a fedora which I promptly lost but then recently found!

I'm a hat person, I love them and I think they really can make or break an outfit. Lately they've been really pushed onto the fashion scene, and I'm kind of glad. As much as I'm over fedoras and tams and pork pies and bowlers, I still wear them all the time! I try and keep an updated version, something different that no one else has or wears though... for my own sanity and so I don't feel like I look identical to everyone in the world! ;)

So here's some hat pictures, for your enjoyment.

my favorite, a great fedora I got I don't know where... I wear this as much as humanly possible.

Grampa's wool beret [or my Madonna for H&M one, i can't figure out which one!]

black lace turban from last summer [click on the image to see larger version]

my favorite hat, slouchy and great to tuck my hair into, or leave out of... sadly I don't know where it is!

black fedora... I'm styling a photoshoot in the picture, btw, not molesting a stranger.

Another one of Grampa's hats, modeled by Sarazah at the same shoot

and yada yada yada. I have a zillion more I don't have pictures of, but whatever.

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