Thursday, August 14, 2008

funny story...

... or how i got my ass into a magazine!

this has nothing to do with fashion, but i think it's really really funny that my butt tattoo made it into Bizarre magazine!

my friend jenny has a subscription, and she told me they were looking for people with food tattoos, so i figured why not? so i sent in my picture, and filled out a little questionnaire [which they paraphrased kind of terribly....] and lo and behold, i made it in! they only chose three people, so i feel a bit special. but then again, my tattoo is on my ass, so i think that makes it a bit special. there's also some hidden advertising for H&M in there, since the tag on my divided underwear is showing! [that's got to count as fashion, right??]

so that's all for today, i hope my white toosh isn't too startling!

thanks for stopping by...

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