Monday, August 18, 2008

wedding season

... or how i learned to avert fashion disasters in the nick of time!

i have many cousins, and this month two of them got married! my cousin caroline got married on 08/08/08 and had a beautiful church ceremony and my cousin jenn got married on 08/16/08 and had an outdoor ceremony in which the sun decided to come out of the torrential downpour/thunderstorm right before it started and turned into a gorgeous day!

but wedding reviews aren't my thing, as i don't really give two shits about favors and cake, so i'll show you kind of terrible pictures of what i wore:

caroline's wedding:

[click the picture to enlarge it!]

this is my memere and i. she is my inspiration behind everything i do in fashion. look how fierce she looks! i fucking love it. she's incredible, and she'll be making my wedding dress. i'm hoping she will let me help her so i can learn to actually read patterns, since in reality i'm shit at them!

mya, the flower girl and my cousin and i! i wasn't supposed to be wearing nylons, but there was a bit of a razor rash issue that meant a last minute trip to CVS to buy some! horrible.

my dress was crinkled silk with metallic little disks all over the neckline. it's a really adorable dress. unfortunately, all of the full body shots i have are pretty unflattering, as i'm busy goofing off with my cousins!

jenn's wedding:

my hair was kind of awesome. this is my favorite dressy hairstyle to do, it's super easy and it looks like it took hours! people kept asking me where i got it done, haha. this is mya's brother nathan. i've babysat them since they were born and they give me faith that maybe someday i can have awesome kids. he was the ringbearer and looked precious!

my pepe, mya and i. she was the flower girl for this wedding too! she's a popular gal. i love her little amy winehouse hair. so cute! [she even has the missing teeth to match ;)]

my dress WAS a georgette ankle length hankerchief hem halter... but then i changed it :)
it used to look like this:

but i wasn't sold on the hemline and the way that the stripe down the middle just disappeared like that, so i decided to do this:

which turned out great and proved to be far more flattering, so that was sweet.

if i wasn't covered in blisters, i'd share a picture of the silver shoes i wore with this dress. they were perfect, and i kind of want to wear them everyday ever.

so that's it, thanks for stopping by!

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