Monday, September 22, 2008


...aka me.

i'm always on the lookout for cheap d.i.y. imitations of fun things i see on runways or on the streets, or just finding things i already own and recycling them into the looks i covet... and i couldn't help but get really inspired by Rodarte's big, dramatic, loose knits for Fall 2008. i know i'm going out of order here by making boards of the new s/s09 stuff, but it's fall of 2008 right now this very second! .... as of like 7 hours and 40 minutes ago for me at least, and i want to talk about it. so shut up.

here's what i'm talking about:

how awesome is that? so spider-web-y and awesome. i'm really into semi-gothic but NOT goth stuff paired with really rock n' roll stuff this season. well kind of every season, but especially fall. i wear way more black in fall and winter... if that's possible. let me clarify: summer is all heather grey and white with black. fall and winter is black on black on black. so, like ac/dc, we're back in black this season. or something. i don't know what i'm talking about, i've had far too much coffee today.

so i remembered while musing my plans for fall wardrobe options that i had this awesome white and black striped sweater in a loose gauge knit that i never ever wear because it's WAY too johnny rotten on it's own, and i look a bit too silly. so i decided to pull it out and go for it! here is my sweater, from H&M a couple years back [maybe 2006 or early 2007?]:
it's down to mid thigh and it's perfectly slouchy and way more comfortable that i had imagined it being. i wore it like this:
H&M sweater, old navy scarf, motorcycle jacket, latex leggings and boots.

yes my boots are maroon-ish purple and my scarf is dark red. shit happens people. i don't have to match if i don't want to. and i don't right now. deal.

so whatever, i might have looked like his guy all day:

but at least i was cozy doing it! :) the folks at barnes and noble and wal-mart were a little confused, but no one at school seemed to notice! they're used to seeing me in "weird" clothes anyways hahaha.

the end!