Sunday, September 21, 2008

in lieu of more boards

... since i procrastinated so much they're not even relevant anymore, i'll share with you my new, old, and ever present inspirations for FALL. oooo, scarves and boots i have missed you so!

... and every other outfit she's ever worn, tbh. obviously those shorts are not for my thighs OR fall, but the top half is perfect!

i'm friends with this girl on facebook and livejournal and i'd be kind of humiliated if she saw that i posted this. she's gorgeous though, and i love the scarf/fur thing going on there...

the guy, not the girl.

i've had this picture saved on my computer for years and i JUST noticed the pubic hair. wtf?

i wish i was this organized. not even close.

the top half of this is perfect... the bottom half freaks me out. socks and tights? bopth of which are white? uhh.h.....h.h.h.hhh...... my brain melts thinking about white tights.

this was such a good collection. ugh.

those boots live in my dreams.

everything about this picture makes me smile so big.

this entire picture is so inspiring in so many ways. the tone, the interior decorations, everything! ugh i love it.

some band i've never heard called the films. i don't care about their music, i just want their boots.

both of them, but especially ashley in this picture. holy shit. so spot on.

so yeah. there's an alarming number of photos of my fashion inspiration.

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Miss Kolleen said...

scarves scarves boots boots vests vests ruffles ruffles yes

i love this fall season

matched with dark makeup, i'm actually in style this year.