Friday, September 26, 2008

i hate the plain white tee's...

but that kind of has nothing to do with this post. but seriouslyyyyyyyyyy i can't imagine the world missing them if they had some sort of music stopping accident. not death, but like... a weird freak accident where all their fingers get broken and the singer's vocal chords are somehow damaged [maybe some sort of hot cocoa spilling so hot it burns forever thing?] and they never play again! mwahhahahaaaa. ok i'm done. i just really hate everything they play. the end.

but speaking of plain white tee's, i should make a post about those! they're such an amazing staple, if you have the right ones, or if you're willing to do a little work on the ones you have.

plain men's v-necks or crew necks will do the trick in a pinch, but really their cheapness shows quite often. i've been able to get my hands on some really fitted, gauzey ones from discount stores that are probably years [decades?] old that work great! but for the most part, they're stiff, awkwardly see through and they just don't do the trick. at least not without a little love.

things to look out for:

-FIT! jesus christ if it's just an amorphous blob of fabric hanging all over you, cut the shit and do something about it! pin it with a cool broach, tie it with a scarf [? i don't know, i'm just throwing ideas out there], play around with tucking it in, wear something fitted over it... there's a million options!

-CREATIVITY! find something that is a basic, a staple... but has some cool details to it. simple is good, but only if you're willing to work a little to accessorize or something. don't be afraid to think outside the box, duders. it won't kill you if a couple people look at you funny for what you're wearing. it hasn't killed me yet!

-D.I.Y.! Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty! try sewing something out of the old v-necks from wal-mart that don't fit right. i can tell you that that dress whatsherface is wearing above can easily be made out of two xxl men's t-shirts. granted, an albiet lower quality and more casual verion, but you know. play around with them! cut the sleeves shorter, i don't know. just be creative and not lame about it, ok?

so i don't know, i was going to write about something completely different but then a stupid commercial came on for some shoe about college kids and that godawful band was playing and i got distracted. oh ADD, you slay me.

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