Monday, September 29, 2008

nothing much

to report today... so here's what i wore. it's not super interesting but i'm trying to do more to document this shit, i'm super bad at remembering to take outfit pictures. so here's today:

stellar photobooth pictures, as per usual. one day i'll put charged batteries in my camera! one day. sorry they're dark, it's pretty gloomy outside right now, not much natural light and i live in what is essentially the bat cave.

details and such:
sweatshirt - H&M, about 5 years ago. this thing had holes all down the sleeves and the cuffs are unraveling, yet i still wear it as often as possible. it's my favorite thing pretty much ever.
shirt-some burnout tee thats off the shoulders. i got it from F21.
pants - embarassingly enough, also F21. although, i would buy them all over again given the chance. they're perfection. they fit me perfect everywhere, which is a feat!
shoes - cough.... also F21. weird. i definitely didn't think of this while i was getting dressed this morning, or else i would have become very embarassed and changed.
also, my lipstick was red, not hot pink like it looks in the pictures. i promise. i liked how it didn't match my scarf. is that weird?

speaking of F21, how great are they for buying things you know you'll only like for like a month or two? i mean, the quality is questionable at best [as well as their return policy] but for the price, you really can't beat it. and it's kind of like being at a flea market, there's so much shit everywhere and you have to dig through the lurex and the glitter, but sometimes you find some real gems. so whatever, i have now rationalized my embarassment and now i feel better.

gossip girl.

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Miss Kolleen said...

those shoes are fantastic.