Sunday, October 12, 2008

old navy.....

so normally, i hate about 80% of what my store [old navy] sells. 10% of what i like is baby clothes [seriously our stuff is so cute!] and the other 10% is women's product i like, but don't want to spend the money on because i don't like it THAT much.

with that said, we just got in a BUNCH of cute new sweaters! wtf. i want them all. imma post 'em so y'all can see them!

scarfy drapey cardigan with pockets that you can't see in the picture, and a HOOD?! yes, please. it's such a nice lightweight knit, it's so good. oh man and it also comes in heather grey! oof.

cute little short sleeved guy with a belt and such. it's kind of sparkly irl so i don't know if i would buy it.

this picture couldn't be grosser [wtf, old navy? they suck a photographing clothes]... but i tried it on today and i want it so bad. it's super cozy and warm and i luuuurve it.

i love this one too, the knit in the body is different than the sleeve and it's really cozy looking. like something a ballerina would wear. i really want to wear this with my fake leather leggings and studded heels, hahaaaaaaa. so cute.


Miss Kolleen said...

I love Old Navy sweaters. I think they're charming.

petitgateau said...

i just bought that first one in the black AND the grey because i loved it so much. i'm addicted! but i got 50% off of one, and 40% off of the other because i rule. :)