Tuesday, October 14, 2008

oh my


my carpal tunnel ridden hands are KILLING me!!!! holy moly. for the past three days, i've been attempting to recreate some sort of copy of these Raquel Allegra retardedly expensive shirts that are ridiculously easy to make. i saw one on good old mk, and thought they were cool and then when i saw that camille over on childhood flames was making her own, i was like "why not me???" i'm crafty. i'm better at sewing than she is. [in her defense, she's fifteen haha. i'm a bully.] so i set out to do it, and i fucking did. so whatever. Miss Raquel can bite my ass, she's not getting my money. but seriously though, this is fucking PAINSTAKING. horrible. it's so slow going, but it's really cathartic to do. i'll show you the first shirt i made that i still need to fix the neck on:

detail shot. this is the reason i will not be able to use my hands by the time i reach 30. why do i take on projects like this?

i took this after discovering how to take a picture on photobooth without the flash!!! i was so excited.

me being quite pleased with myself. i look gross. oh swell.

next up: i'm going to copy her scarf idea, but make it a little different and then i'm going to try to take on doing almost an entire shirt.... hahaha. my hand is going to fall the fuck off. i'm a copy cat today. meh.


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Jenny said...

you rule.