Friday, October 31, 2008

more shit i made

... jesus, i can't stop destroying things lately.

i made this spine shirt tonight while watch LA Ink and thinking about all of the tattoos i want and how fucking bad i want kat von d's cat!!!!

apologies for how ~*scandelous*~ this picture is, wearing a bra ruins the look in the back. i'm going to fashion myself some sort of panel type thing to wear under this so that my back can stay slutty but my taters aren't hanging out, haha.

taking pictures in photobooth is not that flattering, but yeah. there it is! the vertebrae are shredded inbetween so that they're all connected but fuck it didn't want to photograph! so whatever, this is what you get! :)

and i'm done posting for a couple days, sry to spam! xoxox

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