Thursday, October 30, 2008

rips and holes and shreds

... have kind of been my thing for the past couple months. let's share how:

firstly, that scarf up there is not new, but it's got tons of little holes and shit from wearing it too much, which is my favorite thing ever about it.

then there's that shirt... the first one i made.

then the shirt with a ton of holes i made, which is hamazing, btw. it's so soft and spider webby looking! customers at work kept commenting on how nice it looked, haha.
also featured, the pants with a ton of holes in them! i bought them like two days ago to replace the old black pants with legitimate holes that also ripped in the crotch the day my work got new denim and i was bending over like 300 times a day, and i had missed them ever since, so i'm glad to get my replacement back... even if it means ripping holes in new jeans haha.
p.s. i was singing along to rick astley and having waaayyy too much fun when i took this picture. especially since i was supposed to be borrowing bryan's computer for homework!

then there's the men's crewneck sweatshirt from work i made all flashdance, and then made all skullerific. it's a bit halloweenie, but i'm wearing it today anyways. consider me festive. i had to attack the shit out of this with fray check because the little threads inbetween the teeth were pulling out far easier than i had anticipated, this knit is a looser gauge than i anticipated, i guess. now it's all stiff everywhere i fraychecked because i put so much on haha.
i already had a tank top that i had done this to... i wore it to our metal party at the house a few months back, and i figured that since i liked it so much i should make a winterized version!

and my scarf i made! this is just the middle part of an old gap men's v-neck from 2003 that i stretched and shredded into a really cute infinity scarf! i love this thing. and "lol" @ that first picture of me, haha. wtf. my face needs to pay more attention!

p.s. how great is my new lip color!?!? it's 16 hr superstay, so last night i went to bed with it on and woke up looking like a million bucks. i bet tallulah bankhead would have done the same thing if she could've.

and so that is all i have for you now, dear readers, so please, get the fuck out of my life.

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Miss Kolleen said...

i think youre so pretty, and i love that freakign skull sweater.DO WANT!