Monday, October 27, 2008

picture dump

halloween 2k8, poison ivy. theme was dc universe. everyone looked so awesome but we forgot the camera so we have no pictures.

work halloween event. necklace is handmade, it's a bat. i finally finished that shirt, so i decided to dress up as a spiderweb? haha. it was a stretch but the shirt isn't dress code and i needed an excuse to wear it haha. better pictures of it to come, promise!

school outfit. i was sick so i wore this american apparel longsleeve for like 3 days straight. it's like a security blanket. it's so comfy!

wore this to hang out with the bff for the first time in forever. those minnetonka boots have served me so well for the past 2.5ish years... what a good buy. i wish this picture was better, this one got bryan approval.
wore this to go grocery shopping with mom. i'm not a huuuuge fan of it, but i think it looked better in person. and without the layers it was awesome.

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