Monday, December 01, 2008

H&M loot, and more!

here's my most recent purchases:

i bought the shirt in both colors because i couldn't for the life of me decide which i liked better. but they were cheap, so i'm just planning on cutting the less worn one into a tank for the spring/summer. works for me! the jeans are completely fantastic. They've got side zippers and seams at the knees like biker leather pants and stuff! so cool.

i also purchased these boots:

which i bought with money i had from returning these boots:
which i LOVED, but sadly did much harm to my feet. as in, abnormal harm. i wore them for two seconds in my living room and the balls of my feet were killing me and the tops were pinching my foot right above my left ankle? it was strange and i knew i wouldn't wear them if they were like that. maybe if they go clearance i'll take another stab at them. but for now i'm happy with my biker boots.

my main goal in life for the next however long is to find these:
... except not $150. because that's just fucking insane. although, i'd wear them forever and ever even in the summer [how cute would they be with cutoffs and flowy dresses? yeesh.] i just can't justify spending that much money. oh well. i thought i found a decent replacement at baker's for $30 but they looked like rainboots which was very saddening. pout.

oh and i also bought this:
which is perfect because i'm not carrying my big $70 one around and i always forget to put it on at home. $16!!!!! so cheap. thanks, sephora! :)

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