Wednesday, December 03, 2008

today's inspiration:

i do NOT look that hot when i'm smoking... dammit i wish somehow stand outside of the back door at my work meant oozing sex... for me, it just means i work retail. sigh!

oh.... hey prada. what's up? you scare me. ok... bye.
loooooove rodarte.
i'm jealous of how tight her cowboy boots are! mine are super loose around my chicken legs. her legs are way how can this happen? and look at her studded gloves!

does anyone remember this editorial from fashion rocks magazine [that little insert that comes with vogue every once and a while]????? it was amazing. it's from a couple summers ago and i remember reading it on the beach and flipping over it! this and the spread with dhani harrison. sheesus. so good.

credit: hel-looks, various blogs, chictopia, ummm other places i can't remember.


Miss Kolleen said...

i love y our blog, because its fashion that im into but too lazy to research myself. i thank you!

petitgateau said...

hahaha no problem!!! i'm glad my addiction can serve someone other than myself. it's the main reason i started blogging, really!