Friday, December 26, 2008

mapga by elyssajo
i made this because it looks like what my best friend mapga (maria) wears. i love her.

winter times by elyssajo

today's outfit by elyssajo
this is what i'm wearing today... kind of. but my jacket is fake fur and from the old navy girl's department. and my motley crue shirt is way more gnarly. it was my christmas present from bryan. we gave each other band shirts. how metal. and i'm wearing those boots from target i said i returned! i bought them again, turns out the pair i had was the wrong size/defective or something. these are not comfortable by any means, but way more so than the other ones. yesssssssss.

i hope your holiday was the best it could be!!! mine was fantastic :)


Miss Kolleen said...

thats it... im going on this website.

petitgateau said...

oh my god - it's so amazing. you can make anything! it's addicting and wonderful!

my next post will be my style progression in the past 10 years or so... should be interesting!