Saturday, December 27, 2008

style progression...

more polyvore, but i'll add some realsies too!

when i was in high school, i was supes into dashboard confessional, and also social distortion and psychobilly like the meteors... you figure that one out. oh, and james taylor. hahaha. so weird. i dressed like this:

high school elyssajo by elyssajo
that was literally all i wore. i would buy packages of little boy's wifebeaters and plain tees and wear them layered, or in summer i would wear two beaters. i never wore bras (still don't, tbh) and i lived in my docs and my flip flops. i still have my docs, they were my favorite shoes in the world. i wore them when i went to goth night a couple weeks ago haha

then in early high school i was all over this:

early college me by elyssajo
rockabilly, punk, pin up... everything kitchy and polkadotted. i also wore a navy blue hoodie i painted the social d logo onto the back of and a jean jacket with sherpa on the collar, hahaha. evidence:

me on my first day of my sophomore year.

i did my hair up in rolls and stuff to like, go to the mall and shit, hahaha. i wish i still cared this much about my hair!

i fucking LOVED those creepers.

on the right, obvs. that polka dotted shirt was my favoriteeeeeee

wishing i was a car model in 2005...

then i was really into mod shit for like a minute:

mid-college me by elyssajo" />

hahaha i used to abuse my shitty version of photoshop. i need to be cool again! all my pictures now are laaaame.

bad example, but i don't have many pictures. no, those aren't anal beads, just my favorite necklace.

museum in nyc, haha. i love taxidermied animals. i'm mean.

now i dress like this:

now times me! by elyssajo

anyways, i was just thinking the other day about how my style has progressed so naturally... and chronologically. i dress blatantly 70's in the summer and 80's/modern-y in the winter now... like, woodstock in the summer, metal chick in the winter. it's fun times. the end!

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zoltang said...

oooh you have tattoos in sophomore year? badass! i got my first right before senior year