Sunday, February 22, 2009

let's discuss...

deep fried cupcake with chocolate syrup and sprinkles? yes, have some.

no outfit post because i'm wearing leggings and a plain black tshirt and i just annihilated a pint of tofutti vanilla with chocolate syrup dairy free ice cream. deeeeeelectable.

one of the only chocolatey things this sad little blogger can enjoy thanks to a lovely severe milk allergy, haha.

me and my "food baby" are watching the oscars..... why is everyone in white/silver metallic this year? remember.... colors?


Alisa said...

Deep fried cupcake ... now, I hadn't heard of that one!

I haven't tried Tofutti, but I am in love with the many coconut milk-based ice creams out there now ... rich and dreamy!

petitgateau said...

ugh tofutti is SO good. also soy dream's chocolate chip cookie dough is delicious!

My Daily Vintage said... is my favorite web site, haha.